Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You Ain't Right Until Everyone Says You Are

Hi Everyone!

This is my first blog post ever, but it is not the first time I have written about my opinions on the financial markets. I wrote first to my father and brother, who are both also interested in finance, and coincidentally after a few emails my brother suggested to me to start my own blog. Alas, as suggested by the title of this blog, it will cover generally what I feel like is going on in the financial markets, things I read in the press, and my market outlook.

In my own opinion, it's critical to know what the press is saying, not necessarily for the accuracy of what they say, but to know what the mainstream mindset is. A person can be correct with their views on the fundamentals of the economy and the market, but if nobody else thinks so, that person is, well...actually wrong! More simply put, you ain't right until everyone says you are.

For me, what drives the markets is this simple equation:

Economic Fundamentals x Market Mindset = What Moves The Stock Market

Now, onto my first commentary...

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